GNU Aspell (Win32 version)

this port is maintained by Thorsten Maerz (

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Here you will find the latest binaries of GNU-ASpell for Windows.
They are compiled with MinGW GCC using the native Win32 API. They are not intended to be used in the Cygwin environment, for that purpose use the default "configure; make; make install" cycle, like on all other Posix systems.
In the development section you can find linkable libraries for MinGW GCC and MS VisualC++, a Delphi unit and custom builds of Aspell.


Precompiled dictionaries:




December 22, 2002
The new installers for Aspell/Win32 are now released (see above).

December 1, 2002
The new installers for Aspell/Win32 will be released soonn. You can test the latest beta versions from files/testing/dicts/.

November 24, 2002
Aspell 0.50.3 is now Available. This release contains several minor yet important bug fixes among other things. More.


Unofficial support for GNU Aspell can be found at the aspell-user mailing list. You do not need to be subscribed in order to post. The list mailing address is Please direct all problems you have with Aspell to this list and not directly to any of the developers - remember that there are also other users that might be able to help or have similar problems.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in helping with the development of Aspell or have an idea you would like to discuss post it to the aspell-devel mailing list. The aspell-devel mailing list is meant for people interested in the development of the actual Aspell utility/library. If you have a question about how to use the Aspell library please post to the aspell-user mailing list.


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