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5 Error Handling

Exceptions are not used in Aspell as I find them more trouble than they are worth. Instead an alternate method of error handling is used which is based around the PosibErr class. PosibErr is a special Error handling device that will make sure that an error is properly handled. It is defined in posib_err.hpp. PosibErr is expected to be used as the return type of the function. It will automatically be converted to the "normal" return type however if the normal returned type is accessed and there is an "unhandled" error condition it will abort. It will also abort if the object is destroyed with an "unhandled" error condition. This includes ignoring the return type of a function returning an error condition. An error condition is handled by simply checking for the presence of an error, calling ignore, or taking ownership of the error.

The PosibErr class is used extensively throughout Aspell. Please refer to the Aspell source for examples of using PosibErr until better documentation is written.