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7.5 Replacement Tables

When phonetic code is not used a replacement table can be used instead. To enable the use of a replacement table add the line repl-table lang, in which case the replacement table is excepted to be in the file lang_repl.dat. A complete file name can also be specified in place of lang. For compatibility with MySpell the replacement table can also be part of the affix file, in which case repl-table will be lang_affix.dat".

Replacement table syntax:

     REP [number_of_replacement_definitions]
     REP [what] [replacement]
     REP [what] [replacement]

For example a possible English replacement table definition to handle misspelled consonants:

     REP 8
     REP f ph
     REP ph f
     REP f gh
     REP gh f
     REP j dg
     REP dg j
     REP k ch
     REP ch k